The Tech

Buildspec is simple and easy for users, but it’s powered by advanced technology behind the scenes.

Buildspec Everywhere

We created Buildspec on the most advanced native mobile architecture with full functionality across iOS, Android and Web platforms. This all encompassing platform means Buildspec is designed to be readily available for all our users regardless of device. We’ve even designed Buildspec for availability in offline mode for remote or poor connectivity situations.

Enterprise Cloud

Buildspec was created on the AWS enterprise cloud infrastructure with the most advanced architecture ensuring rapid scalability, network and data security, and multiple levels of redundancy. Our Buildspec architects have built enterprise cloud environments for Nuclear, Banking and Financial clients…we got this!

Trusted, Private & Secure

Buildspec is committed to privacy and security. We don’t sell your private data…it’s yours. We secure your data through state of the art encryption throughout the entire network, in the cloud, in transit and at rest on your device. That means Buildspec is your trusted secure network for facility records and management.