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I'm a Builder

You build great homes, let us help you show them off.

The days of handing over a new home with a set of keys and a drawer full of manuals is a thing of the past. With Buildspec, you can provide clients with an app-based operating manual that contains every detail of their new home and even automates the punch list process. Your clients will love it!

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Track all your projects in real-time


Share plans with the entire onsite team

Add Details

Quickly add photos, equipment specs & details


Subs & vendors can update their own work


Easily view old projects any time

Punch List

Automate servicing punch list requests

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Great records are a must-have when buying or selling a home.

The process of gathering all the home records, warranties, service receipts and Pro contacts is a real pain! With Buildspec, you can provide buyers with a complete property record and an app-based operating manual that will become their new trusted tool for maintenance and organization. We’ve made it fast and easy.

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It’s tailor made to make every listing easier

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Add details with a snap of your camera

Paint & Stain

Every paint color and finish


Include all your trusted service Pro contacts


Add service records, warranties & receipts

Utility Bills

Historical bills for reference

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Guide your clients to success!

When you start each project with a Buildspec, you provide your clients with the advanced tools they need to ensure their dream home is built according to plan and documented along the way.

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Start each client project with a Buildspec


Deliver plans electronically to everyone

Version Control for Plans

Keep the entire build team on the same page


Get mobile access on every old project

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See onsite work, as it is built to spec

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