Your Home in Detail.

Imagine having every detail of your home along with all your trusted Pro contacts neatly organized and accessible into one simple app. Whether you need to contact a service Pro to fix a broken air conditioner or you’re trying to match the right paint color, Buildspec is the digital operating manual for your home and trusted tool for home maintenance and organization.

Don’t drill there.

Know what’s behind your wall before you hang your new TV.

Will that couch fit?

Check room dimensions so you can plan your floorspace.

Here are the roof specs.

Access every little detail of your home.

My A/C is not working.

Share maintenance history for better service.

My foundation is under warranty.

Access foundation designs and warranty for repairs.

I think we have a leak.

Get the details before you start digging

Use the right color.

Keep all your paint colors and finishes organized.

A better way to organize your home

We all have a drawer filled with old appliance manuals. You may have even lost a receipt or a warranty record. There’s no organization and it’s impossible to find what you need.


With Buildspec, we’ve made it fast and easy to digitize home details, old receipts, store paint colors, warranties, even Pro contacts– all neatly organized into one simple app.

Good records are a

big deal

Whether you are buying or selling, having good home records helps build buyer confidence and makes for a smoother transaction.

Buildspec is the perfect way to organize home records and service Pro contacts making it the ideal post close handoff. 

Streamline home maintenance

With Buildspec, you can request and track every service call and even share your Buildspec details with Pros so that they have the right information before showing up.